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LeCharme Cosmetics, signer of the compact for global production of safe health and beauty products and member of The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics pledged to not use chemicals that are known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects in our products and to implement substitution plans that replace hazardous materials with safer alternatives in every market we serve. LeCharme Cosmetics is one stop shop for all of your skincare and makeup needs. Our product line includes lots of mineral makeup, which consists of over 30 colors of eye dust and pressed and loose mineral powders, as well as many different bronzers and blushes. We have 16 different shades of foundations to match people of all skin types and colors. We carry large variety of lip glosses, lipsticks and lip and eye liners. Our nail polishes with nail hardener come in 70 different colors.
Our all natural skincare line has lots of anti aging products. We also carry toners, masks and cleansers. We have a great selection of highest quality cosmetic brushes, which come with our lifetime guarantee. These brushes are made of the finest bristles of kolinsky sable and Italian badger. For our presentations we use a team of two professional make artists and skincare experts. These individuals are highly trained not only in theses fields, but most importantly, in customer service. We make customers satisfaction our #1 priority.
We also carry Murrano Style Glass and Hand made jewelry with all real stones and sterling silver, which includes necklaces, earings,bracelets, pendants and more.

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